A security delegation headed by Yarallah arrives in Makhmour district in Nineveh, MOD reports

  • 14-05-2022, 11:48
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    A security delegation headed by the Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, arrived on Saturday, in Makhmour district in Nineveh province, 
    “Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Abdul-Amir Yarallah, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, the Commander of the Ground Forces, and the Director of Military Intelligence arrived at the 14th Infantry Division sector in Makhmour district in Nineveh province to inspect the security situation and oversee the plans and military operations carried out on the terrorist hideouts in Makhmour mountain range,” Ministry of Defense (MOD) said in a statement , received by The Iraqi News Agency(INA).
    According to the statement, Yarallah emphasized the necessity of activating the intelligence effort and continuing to carry out preemptive attacks on the remains of terrorists’ hideouts in caves and mountain of Makhmour, noting that the Air Force Command and Army Aviation will be ready to strike any terrorist hideout in Makhmour mountain range".
    Yarallah hailed "The efforts of leaders and fighters in achieving security and stability in Makhmour district."