MP: Investigation committee into Dohuk bombing has proofs of Turkey's involvement

  • 23-07-2022, 23:46
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    MP Hussein Al-Sabri confirmed on Saturday, that the investigation committee into the bombing of Dohuk revealed evidence proving the involvement of Turkish forces, pointing out that the hosting of the Minister of Defense and security leaders today indicated Ankara's exploitation of Iraq's preoccupation with fighting Daesh terrorist gangs to penetrate its territory and deploy 4,000 soldiers.

    "Hosting the Minister of Defense and security leaders in the Parliament today showed that the Turkish presence in Iraq amounts to an occupation, with the presence of 4 thousand soldiers belonging to Ankara in Iraqi territory," said Al-Sabri to Al-Iraqiya News TV, followed up by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    He added, "The Turkish soldiers are tens of kilometers into Iraq, and they have headquarters and checkpoints, according to what we have been told, as the situation does not include attacks only."

    "The security leaders confirmed that the Turkish forces took advantage of the period of presence of Daesh terrorist gangs, and Iraq's preoccupation with the war against the gangs, to penetrate Iraqi territory and establish bases there since 2015," he included. 

    He stressed that "the government and parliament will work on several files to respond to the attack, especially since it is not the first, and there are 22,700 violations by the Turkish side towards the Iraqi sovereignty since 2018, an average of two violations per day."

    "The diplomatic steps were supported by the Security Council's decision to hold an emergency session to discuss the attack, and representatives of the Parliament support the removal of Turkish forces from Iraq and the deployment of joint forces from the center and the region along the border with Turkey, which is more than 300 km long," noted Al-Sabri.

    Al-Sabri also revealed that "the investigative committee that visited the site of the attack in the resort of Barkh village in Dohuk confirmed to us, via evidence presented by the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, Lieutenant-General Abdul-Amir Al-Shammari during the hosting session, that the Turkish forces were responsible for it because the shells were 155 mm and were fired from guns with a range of tens of kilometers and these can only be owned by armies, which confirms the involvement of the Turkish army."