Iraq is to rehabilitate 24 aircraft and return them to service

  • 4-07-2022, 15:06
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    Air Force Command announced Monday that it is working to rehabilitate 24 T50 aircraft and return them to service within two years, while explaining the features of these aircraft.

     The Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant-General Shihab Jahid, said, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "there are 24 Korean-made T50 aircraft, which are of the fourth generation (Plus) closer to the fifth generation that is currently being manufactured in the world," noting that "  The high-tech aircraft was purchased from South Korea about 9 years ago.”

     He explained, "The priority of the Air Force Command, after taking responsibility, had restored the services of this aircraft, especially since it is of high accuracy and modernity," noting that "the Air Force needs the presence of these aircraft to carry out the tasks of securing the protection of Iraq's airspace.”

    He indicated, "With the planning and support of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Al-Kadhimi, the Minister of Defense and the Army Chief of Staff, this plane was rehabilitated and with unremitting efforts in a very record period," noting that "it entered the program in the second month of this year."

    He stressed, "The success of the first chapter of the plan, which included the complete return of 3 aircraft to service, and it is hoped that 8 aircraft will be returned to service during the current year, as well as the rehabilitation of 8 other aircraft next year and 8 others in 2024, bringing the total number to 24 aircraft."