MOT: Our ministry has a desire to reduce the prices of Iraqi Airways tickets

  • 23-08-2020, 16:14
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    The Ministry of Transport has revealed that it is working seriously to reduce the prices of airline tickets for travelers in the Iraqi Airways company, as part of a set of measures that the ministry intends to take soon, and while it confirmed that a large number of airlines declared bankruptcy due to the suspension of airport movement due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, it stressed the reciprocity With any Arab or European carriers, our planes were not allowed to land at their airports if there was no real justification for that.

    Transport Minister Nasser Hussein Al-Shibli said in an exclusive interview with “Al-Sabah”: “The ministry is seriously studying measures to reduce airline prices and reduce the volume of expenses for travelers on Iraqi Airways planes, especially during seasons that are comfortable for the aviation sector, and to secure a comfortable and safe environment for passengers in Under the new situation after the repercussions of the Corona pandemic ».

    He pointed out that «the prices of Iraqi air tickets are good and reasonable at present, with the exception of the exceptional flights that are launched to return the Iraqis stranded in some Arab and European countries, whose prices are somewhat high because the planes go to the aforementioned countries without travelers, which caused an increase in ticket prices. He added that «the ministry is working to provide comfortable and safe services to citizens traveling through Iraqi Airways, on top of which is reducing ticket prices.

    The minister continued, saying: “The aviation sector in the country was affected by the Corona pandemic and the closure of airspace in all countries of the world and pushing some airlines to declare their bankruptcy as a result of their inability to secure the financial matters owed to their employees in terms of salaries and large expenses to maintain the aircraft and others, and its losses were great due to the stoppage of work. Because of the pandemic », and that« the prices of airline tickets through Iraqi Airways are good, but the ministry intends to take a number of steps and measures that will benefit travelers and reduce expenses, especially with regard to meals, amenities and airline tickets.

    Al-Shibli explained that «Iraqi Airways owns a fleet of 31 aircraft, most of which are modern aircraft», adding that «the existing aircraft meet the need of Iraqi Airways, and that there are efforts to lift the ban on European countries and support the Iraqi air fleet by perpetuating the aircraft and opening lines to operate the aircraft stationed at Iraqi airports. Because of the ban imposed on it », indicating that« the ministry is working on activating a contract with the company (Boeing) signed by the Iraqi government with the aim of strengthening the Iraqi aircraft fleet within the contract concluded with the aforementioned company that was developed within the ministry’s strategic plans, and includes providing Iraq with aircraft during specific periods and according to future need. For Iraqi Airways ».