Moves to reduce dust storms and water scarcity

  • 30-05-2022, 23:00
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    Environment Minister Jassim Al-Flahi announced on Monday, that most of the dust storms came to Iraq from three neighboring countries, as pointed out that there is a diplomatic move to hold a regional dialogue to reduce dust storms and water scarcity.

    "Most of the dust storms that have passed on Iraq are regional as most of these storms came from Jordan, Deir al-Zour of Syria and Saudi Arabia," said Al-Flahi in a statement to Al-Iraqiya News TV followed up by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    He added that "regional dialogue between the countries of the region on dust storms is very important, and swift action must be taken to reduce it," he said, adding that "water scarcity, one of the main causes of drought and dust storms in Iraq."

    "There are local and regional initiatives to counter climate change," he noted, explaining that "the Iraqi diplomatic work is ongoing to hold meetings and dialogues dealing with the challenges of dust storms, water scarcity and desertification."

    Al-Flahi stressed that "Several measures has been taken towards attacks on green areas," pointing out that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi issued a decree banning attacks on orchards and transformation from the orchard to the areas of investment, but this decision needs to be applied."

    The Minister of the Environment added that "Iraq is located in the area of a climate that includes drought and desertification", pointing out that "the lack of rain in the past three years has led to damage to the soil, and one of the most important challenges facing Iraq is water scarcity and drought."