DMC: Facebook officially implements anti-fake news standards in Iraq

  • 12-05-2022, 11:41
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     Digital Media Center announced Thursday that Facebook will implement its new standards to combat fake news in Iraq, while issuing a warning to the pages of Iraqi agencies and channels on the Facebook platform.
    A statement by the center, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), said, "We warn the pages of Iraqi agencies and channels on the Facebook platform from their latest update, which reached many users in the country," noting that "the update included a series of new standards to limit fake news."
    it added, "Under this update, the company will warn the user before he likes or shares the posts of a page that has repeatedly spread misleading news," noting that "a pop-up window will appear when navigating to such pages, which will help users make a correct decision on whether they want to follow the page or share its posts.
    It  explained that "Facebook has warned the pages that continue to spread false news that they will be subjected to several measures, including reducing the appearance of their posts and not reaching users, as well as preventing them from advertising."
    In the context of combating fake news, the statement stressed that “the company will also warn people who frequently share false information, and their posts may be moved to a lower level in display within the platform’s pages so that they are less likely to be seen by others,” noting that “the Facebook platform works with several independent fact-checkers to curb the spread of misinformation."
    It is noteworthy that Facebook's latest update comes within the context of its fight against fake news and false information and its confrontation with its pests that sweep through communication platforms in general and contribute to reducing their news value and relying on them as a source of news.