MP: High security in Iraqi-Syrian borders, no danger of Daesh infiltration

  • 24-01-2022, 20:49
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    Member of Parliament Nayef Al-Shimmari affirmed on Monday, that the Iraqi-Syrian borders receive high-level attention from Joint Operations Command, and that there is no danger on the border against the backdrop of Daesh terrorist gangs attack on Ghweran prison in Hasaka, Syria as he stressed that all security plans to protect it have been carried out.
    "There are no terrorist incubators in the western regions, and the evidence for this is Nineveh, as it has enjoyed security and stability since the liberation, and this credit is due to the blood of the martyrs from the sons of the Iraqi army, PMF, the tribal mobilization, Peshmerga forces and the Counter-Terrorism Service," said Al-Shammari in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He added: "I assure all Iraqis that the security situation, thanks to the efforts of all the heroic fighters stationed on the Iraqi border, is very reassuring and there is support from all the Arab tribes in the area,"
    "The clans located near the Iraqi-Syrian border represent the reserves of the security forces stationed on the borders, so there is no fear on Iraq from these criminals, Daesh, coming from Syria," he noted, stressing "the need to fight Daesh in the remote and rugged areas who hide in the tunnels,"
    He added, "It is necessary to carry out qualitative operations to counter them, and the only side capable of carrying out these operations is the Counter-Terrorism Service by carrying out airdrops according to accurate intelligence information," stressing that "the Iraqi-Syrian borders have been receiving attention from joint operations for some time,”
    “The security authorities have completed all the plans drawn up by the Operations Command to protect the borders and implement it on ground by digging eastern trenches and spreading barbed wire," he pointed out, noting "We have not noticed any breach of the Iraqi-Syrian border until this moment, and terrorists tried before the crossing period through the Iraqi-Syrian border, but the security forces were on the lookout, and they were handed over to the Iraqi judiciary and the intelligence services,"