A delegation from MOI heads to China to issue passports to the Iraqi community

  • 27-11-2021, 10:21
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    The Ministry of Interior elaborated on Saturday, the details of sending a delegation from the Directorate of Passport Affairs to China in order to issue passports to the Iraqi community there, while noting that the Chinese side insisted on quarantining the delegation for 21 days at the hotel upon its arrival in its territory.
    The Director of Passport Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Ahmed Abdul Sattar Al-Azzawi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The directorate moved to send a delegation to China, but there are some complications as the Chinese side confirmed that the Iraqi delegation shall be quarantined upon its arrival in China for 21 days in the hotel,” noting that “the directorate worked in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Iraqi ambassador to China, but it was not able to reduce the quarantine period.”
    Al-Azzawi added, "According to the directives of the Minister of Interior and the follow-up to the senior agent of the ministry, we obtained approval for the Iraqi delegation to go to China and stay for a whole month, where it will be quarantined for 21 days, and after that, the delegation goes to the city of Guangzhou to receive the Iraqi community, issue passports to those who do not have it, and renew passports for the owners of expired passports." 
    He pointed out that "The Iraqi delegation headed yesterday to Erbil to fly directly to China and complete its work there."