15 Urgent passports for the victims of al-Sadr City bombing

  • 24-07-2021, 20:00
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    INA – Baghdad


    Passport Affairs Directorate announced the issuance of passports for the victims of al-Sadr City bombing, urgently, for the purpose of sending them abroad, as directed by the Prime Minister.


    "The staff of the Directorate of Passports Affairs and the mobile system in the directorate took care of issuing passports, and the injured were photographed inside the Medical City Hospital with their escorts,'' said the Director of Passport Affairs, Major General Ahmed Abdul-Sattar, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).


    Abdul-Sattar indicated that "the passports of the injured were handed over with their companions inside the hospital, and the number of passports that were issued reached 15."


    "The Directorate of Passports Affairs took charge of issuing passports, printing forms, and paying fees for passports instruments,'' he added.