Health ministry: Reduced cases do not mean the risk is eliminated and we warn of a stronger wave

  • 26-11-2021, 10:52
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    The Ministry of Health warned Friday of a fourth severe wave of corona pandemic coming to the country, while stressing that the decline in the number of infections does not mean the end of the danger, called on citizens to speed up the taking of the vaccine.

    "The vaccine rate in Iraq has reached about 30 percent of the target group, 18 years and older," Riad Abdul Amir, director of public health at the ministry, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), adding that "The ministry's ambition was to reach 60 percent before the end of this year.”
    "The decline in the number of people who are infected was the reason behind low demand on the vaccine," he said.
    "Iraq is on the verge of a wave that may be severe and can only be controlled by the vaccine, especially since adherence to preventive measures has proved difficult to fully apply to citizens," he said.