INSS captures the most dangerous network of information piracy

  • 24-11-2021, 12:17
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    The National Security Cell ( SMC) announced on Wednesday, capturing the most dangerous network of online piracy in the holy Karbala province, indicating that the network is consist of five members.
    SMC said in a statement, received by The Iraqi News Agency (INA):"Based on intelligence information, received by the security units of south Salah al-Din about the existence of information piracy network in holy Karbala province؛ the detachments of Iraqi National Security Service (INSS) started in south Salah al-Din, in coordination with Karbala security detachments, to activate the intelligence and field effort".
    SMC added, "The detachments managed after days of observation to capture a network of hackers, consist of of 5 members, who are considered one of the most dangerous espionage and piracy networks in Iraq,” indicating that" their confessions were duly documented, as they admitted receiving training courses outside the country and they trying to hack the database of state security institutions and leak the data of The National Security Service for the purpose of selling.
    The statement also confirmed “that they were referred to the legal authorities to take all the necessary measures against them”.