MMD: Harshest types of treatment on Iraqis at Belarusian borders

  • 17-11-2021, 19:40
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    Minister of Migration and Displaced, Ivan Faeq Jabro, warned on Wednesday, that the Iraqis at the Belarusian borders are subjected to the harshest types of treatment.
    Jabro received the Ambassador of the European Union, Ville Varjola, and his accompanying delegation, at the ministry's headquarters, and during the meeting, bilateral relations between Iraq and the European Union were discussed in various fields and ways to develop them, as well as the issue of stranded Iraqi citizens in a number of European countries, especially those on the Belarusian border, and the suffering they face during illegal immigration, according to a statement by the ministry, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "Iraqis on the borders are the victims of the political conflict between the European Union and who are subjected to the harshest types of treatment far from humanitarian and international standards," stressed Jabro.
    She asserted the need for "the cooperation of the ministry and the European Union to deal with this file in a humane manner and to find serious solutions in cooperation with all international organizations,"
    "The government has stopped all direct flights to Belarus in order to preserve the safety of Iraqi families who may fall victim to smugglers' greed,” she added renewing rejection of the “forced return of all Iraqis abroad,”
    For his part, the European Union Ambassador praised the efforts made by the ministry in particular and the Iraqi government in general in dealing with the file of illegal immigration to the cities of Europe, and the measures taken to Iraqis stranded at the Belarusian border return, expressing his rejection of the use of violence against Iraqi citizens at the Belarusian borders.