Iraqi Airlines reveal the imminent delivery of 17 aircraft of two types

  • 14-11-2021, 20:31
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    The Iraqi Airways Company revealed the size of the national transporter's aircraft, while confirming the imminent receipt of 17 new aircraft of two models.
    Airline spokesman Hussein Jalil said, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "there is a government contract Signed in 2008 to purchase aircraft from Boeing," noting that "the airlines had earlier received 14 of them, and now in the process of receiving 16 of them another plane in the coming period."
    He explained, "There is another contract concluded with Air Bus, for the purchase of 5 aircraft of the type (A222), and it is hoped that the first will be delivered at the end of this month," noting that "the total number of aircraft operating in the national carrier is 30 modern aircraft of various types amplitudes.”
    Regarding the qualifications and experiences of the employees of the national carrier, Jalil stressed that "the pilots working in the national carrier are subject to qualification courses in accord with the technological development taking place in this sector, as well as reliance on many countries in this field, including the Lufthansa Aviation Academy."