Various military units participated in Hamrin Operation, JOC says

  • 13-11-2021, 13:26
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    The Joint Operations Command confirmed today, Saturday that various military units participated in Hamrin operation in Diyala province.
    "large-scale joint military operations were launched in Diyala operations sector," indicating that " Army units represented by the First Division and units from the Ninth Division carried out the operation from several axes and , coinciding  with the search Ops in Hamrin Mountains , which are implemented by the Popular Mobilization Forces in Diyala, while Diyala Police Directorate, in coordination with the First Rapid Intervention Brigade and the emergency regiments, started a security operation in the ferry areas and neighboring villages with the support of the air force, army aviation and the international coalition", JOC said in a statement , received by The Iraqi News Agency( INA).
    The statement affirmed that "The Ops will continue until its goals are achieved."