Iraq sets the date to start the full production of renewable energy

  • 9-11-2021, 11:56
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    The Iraqi Authority for Radioactive Sources- IRSRA -has set the date for the full production of renewable energy, while revealing the date for completing of the contract with Total Company for the construction of an electric station in Basra.
    “Iraq has three contracts regarding renewable energy, and the contract with Total is the one, which achieves a capacity of 1,000 megawatts”, noting that “the contract with Total is supposed to be implemented in Basra Governorate, as the plant implemented to generate electricity through solar energy will be connected with the national electricity transmission grid , and will be for the whole country and part of its capacity goes to the governorates of Basra and Maysan”, the head of the IRSRA told The Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He added, "The time period specified for completing the station will be two years, if it has been started from now."
    Regarding the Gulf connection, Latif stressed that "Iraq needs an increase of 50% of its energy production, which is more than 19 kilowatts, and during the next two years it will need 12 kilowatts to reach a production of 30 kilowatts, and this may not be achieved by the Gulf connection or solar energy," pointing out that "Solar energy supplies energy in the morning peak hours but in the evening there will remain an urgent need for steam or gas power stations."
    He added, "Iraq will achieve the full demand for renewable energy, according to expectations in 2030," noting that "we need to add 2 kilowatts annually to the national grid as a natural growth rate of about 15% of annual production."