Ministry of Water Resources: water imports completely cut from Iran to Iraq

  • 24-10-2021, 14:00
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    The Ministry of Water Resources announced on Sunday its latest talks with Iran and Turkey on water quota, while outlining the most prominent obstacle on the deal with Iran.
    "The talks with Turkey have reached the signing of a joint memorandum of understanding on Iraq's water quota, which has been approved by the Turkish government and has entered into force," Aoun Dhiab, technical advisor to the ministry, told the Iraqi News Agency( INA).
    "The talks with Iran did not take place because of the formation of the Iranian government and then the elections in Iraq, and these were the reasons that hindered the lack of a meeting between the two parties and we were hoping for a joint technical agreement," he said.
    "The Ministry of Water Resources has submitted a memorandum and an official letter to the higher bodies of the cabinet, the office of the president of the republic, the office of the speaker of parliament and the foreign ministry to file a lawsuit at the International court in Hague to establish Iraq's water rights with neighboring Iran," Dhiab said.
    "Winter agriculture is currently exposed to large determinants in Diyala because there is not enough water coming from neighboring Iran," he said. ".