Iraqi air force destroys ISIS hideouts in Wadi al-Shai in Kirkuk

  • 18-10-2021, 12:25
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    Baghdad - INA
    The Security Media Cell announced on Monday that Iraqi Air Force destroyed ISIS's hideout in Wadi al-Shai in Kirkuk province.
    "Based on accurate intelligence information from the Targeting Cell of the Joint Operations Command, the Air Force carried out 25 air strikes by F-15 Sukhoi aircrafts targeted ISIS gangs hideout in Wadi El shai in Kirkuk province", said SMC in a statement , received by The Iraqi News Agency(INA).
     "After striking the targets, a force from the Eighth Mechanized Infantry Division heads towards the area to inspect the location of these strikes, and found five targeted dens, containing medical and other food materials, mattresses, blankets, a solar cell and a camera," SMC added.