Minister of Transport sets a date for receiving two modern planes and reveals the developments of railway linking file with Turkey

  • 17-10-2021, 18:35
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    Minister of Transport Nasser Al-Shibli revealed the date of receiving two modern planes, stressing that a contract with an Italian company to develop designs for the railway connection with Turkey is imminent.
    Al-Shibli told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The ministry is about to obtain a cabinet decision to contract with an Italian company and draw up designs for the railroad link project, which connects via Al-Fish Khabur to the Turkish side."
    And he continued, "We issued a book on this subject, and it was distributed to many officials, and we attended the consultative meeting that was held in Turkey for the Ministers of Transport on Turkey, and we gave the plan, and they praised this plan, because the rail link will be between the East and the West, so it must start from Fao through Iraq, Otherwise, it will be long and unrewarding.”
    And he stressed, "Iraq will receive two planes called Dreamliner, which are modern and long-range planes, as we will receive one of them at the end of this month, and the second plane will be delivered at the end of next month, November."