Barcelona closes its doors in the face of its former star

  • 16-10-2021, 13:44
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    Barcelona closed its doors in the face of its former star, who was one of the pillars of the golden generation, and those who left in recent years, leaving a large void in his center.

    It is noteworthy that the Brazilian player Dani Alves is still without a team until now after the termination of his contract with Sao Paulo for not receiving his salary regularly, and he is currently in Barcelona while searching for a new club to join him this season, according to (Kora).

    In addition, Alves posted pictures of him on social media from Barcelona, ​​and then many of his fans asked him to sign with Barca to support Ronaldo Koman’s battalion.

    Barca officials said that they respect Alves’ history with Barcelona, ​​but they do not want the presence of more veterans in the team, and want to focus on young players, They rule out the idea of ​​Alves returning to the club.It is worth noting that the player was destined to leave the Catalan team in the summer of 2016, heading to the Italian team Juventus, before moving to Paris Saint-Germain, and from there to Sao Paulo.