Al-Ka’abi congratulates Iraqi people on elections success

  • 10-10-2021, 20:31
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    First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Ka’abi, congratulated the Iraqi people on the success of the electoral process.
    Al-Kaabi said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "after the announcement of the closure of the doors of the electoral centers throughout Iraq and the success of the electoral process, we congratulate the honorable Iraqi people, the government, the Independent High Electoral Commission, the heroes of our security services and everyone who voted in elections, hoping that It brings a good results that the Iraqi street has sought, requesting change and moving towards comprehensive reform.”
    He added: "We appreciate everyone who contributed in voting process, and the colossal security efforts that were keen to prevent and address violations, and this resulted in complete freedom in holding the first early elections in our country, Iraq.