Al-Sadr: Iraqi army is able to protect Iraq inside and abroad

  • 14-09-2021, 19:31
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    The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, confirmed that the army is capable of protecting Iraq in and outside, while indicating that it is the most important security force in Iraq.

    Al-Sadr said in a statement: “After the Iraqi army regained its power in recovering what did the corrupt do with their reckless actions, and after they were able to impose their strength and restore their reputation as we entrusted them, and as they are worthy of trust, dignity and courage, and after removing the specter of partisan interventions. sectarianism, nationalism, and militias, and after the ghost of dictatorship has been removed from them, praise be to Allah, today they are the strongest and most important security force in our beloved Iraq.

    He added: “they are able to protect Iraq from the inside and outside, especially after the decay of external and internal interference in their work, especially as we are heading towards a democratic electoral process, through which they will vote transparently and without political pressure."
    He continued, "They are also obligated to protect electoral centers and ballot boxes from burning, corruption, childish behavior and others,"
    Pointing out: "We are obligated to respect and support them, strive to strengthen them and demand their rights, just as they are obligated to perform their duties we owe them thanks." And Mr. Al-Sadr said: "I am sure that they suffer as the people suffer from corruption and injustice, so they will support reform for the sake of their country and their people."

    Al-Sadr concluded the statement by saying: "May God have mercy on their martyrs, and may God heal their wounded, may God reward their efforts, and keep them away from the plots of the enemies.”