PMF foil terrorist attempts targeting security and civilians

  • 13-09-2021, 21:28
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    Popular Mobilization Forces – PMF foiled on Monday, a terrorist attempt that targeted civilians and security forces in Nineveh.
    "Joint force from the Nineveh PMF Operations Command and the security forces managed to foil a terrorist attempt to target civilians and security forces in Zayouna farms, Nineveh," included a statement by PMF, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    This took place during a security operation under the direct supervision of the commander of Nineveh PMF Ops Khudair Al-Matrohi, with intensive intelligence efforts, according to the statement.
    During the operation, “missiles were found that were intended to target the security units and civilians in the Zayouna farms,”
    The statement included that "parts of Nineveh PMF Ops Command, under the direct supervision of the Ops Commander, continue their security operations in securing the sectors,"