Lebanese caretaker government denies responsibility for the collapse

  • 24-06-2021, 08:30
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    The Lebanese caretaker government denied responsibility for the current collapse in the country, affirming that it had fully carried out its duties before its resignation, and had set on practical plans that were obstructed by interests.

    The media office of the resigned Lebanese government headed by Hassan Diab said in a statement: “It is really shameful that standards are overturned, concepts change and facts are blurred. If we work silently, as we are keen not to enter into arguments with anyone, especially in light of the severe crisis that is facing our country, but this does not mean being silent about the forgery that is trying to throw responsibilities and burden on this government, as the current situation is resulted from the burden of the political, malicious, personal and militia practices that caused or contributed to this collapse.

    Accountability must be on those who participated in causing this financial collapse, and the Lebanese will not give you acquittal of demolishing stone and people in the past, then demolishing the economy and livelihood today, Diab added.


    Source: National Media Agency