Al-Ghazi: The Coordination Council with Egypt and Jordan has reached advanced stages

  • 22-06-2021, 14:50
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    The Secretary-General of Ministers Council, Hamid Al-Ghazi, confirmed today, Tuesday that the (Iraqi-Jordanian-Egyptian) Coordination Council has reached advanced stages, noting that the doors of Iraq are open to all.
     Al-Ghazi, received today, Egyptian ambassador in Baghdad, Walid Muhammad Ismail," noting that "the importance of economic and commercial interests that link the two brotherly countries, and the depth of bilateral relations between the two governments and peoples, because of their common history and civilizations. Al-Ghazi pointed out that the doors of Iraq are open to everyone, praising the role of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the field of investments and contribution to the reconstruction of Iraq, through the entry of its companies to implement vital projects, which will contribute to providing job opportunities.
    He added that the Iraqi and Egyptian sides have a partnership with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, through the (Iraqi - Jordanian - Egyptian) Coordination Council, which has reached advanced stages by signing memoranda of understanding in the economic, commercial, health and agricultural fields. While the Egyptian ambassador conveyed the desire of the Egyptian government to proceed as soon as possible to implement housing, industrial and infrastructure projects in a number of governorates, and to walk in one direction with the government and people of Iraq, praising the relations between Iraq and Egypt, and the positive results achieved at the bilateral level between the two countries.