MOI announces the arrival of elite reinforcements and a rapid response to Diyala

  • 6-05-2021, 16:35
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    Diyala - INA

    The Ministry of Interior revealed the most prominent results of the visit of its Minister, Lieutenant-General Othman Al-Ghanmi, to Diyala.

    "The Minister of Interior visited the advanced units and the Diyala Police Directorate and gave a message of thanks and appreciation to all the units that contributed to the security file and made sacrifices," said the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Major General Khaled Al-Muhanna, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) from Diyala.

    He revealed that "there are reinforcements that arrived in Diyala Governorate, including the Elite and Rapid Response Forces, and security plans have been rearranged and new roads opened under the direct supervision of the Minister of Interior."

    He pointed out that "the Ministry of the Interior does not operate according to the principle of reactions, and there are plans for pre-emptive operations in a manner that provides security and safety in Diyala Governorate."