MOI: 415 IDPs retuernd to Nineveh

  • 23-04-2021, 17:54
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    The Ministry of Immigration and Displacement announced today, Friday, the return of 415 displaced persons from the Fifth Jada camp, south of Nineveh Governorate, to their original areas of residence.

    The director general of the branch affairs department in the ministry, Ali Abbas Jahakir, said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “under the direction and follow-up of the Minister of Immigration and Displacement Ivan Faiq Jabro, a new batch of displaced people from Al-Jada Al-Fifth camp has been returned, about 85 families And by (415) displaced people to their original areas in (Al-Sahel Al-Right, Hammam Al-Alil and Al-Qayyara) in Nineveh Governorate, as part of the emergency plan organized by the ministry to return the displaced voluntarily.

    He added, "The return of the displaced families came after completing the security check for them in coordination with the security forces and the local government, and they were transported to their original areas of residence with all their belongings," stressing that the displaced families will continue to return voluntarily in preparation for closing the camp and ending the displacement file.