Human Rights proposed solutions to the issue of enforced disappearance

  • 16-04-2021, 19:51
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    Baghdad -INA
    High Commission for Human Rights proposed today, Friday, solutions to the issue of enforced disappearance, while confirming that complaints of enforced disappearance are just allegations.

    A member of the commission, Zaidan Khalaf Al-Atwani, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The commission has developed studies and research with the International Committee for Missing Persons and has reached a large working mechanism that was presented as a study to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and National Security Adviser Qasim Al-Araji, which focuses on the importance of establishing a base containing names The displaced, wanted for terrorism, and detainees, in addition to completing the file of mass graves, as well as the names of those abroad.
      He emphasized that "in the event that any citizen submits a complaint regarding the issue of his son or his family, he will return to that comprehensive database, but if he is not included in this rule, then it is a lost act and includes the application of the Law on Victims of Terrorism."
    He explained that, "according to Article Five, Paragraph Three, which is devoted to receiving complaints to the High Commission for Human Rights, the Commission has received about 8,164 complaints and allegations of losing their children and their families on various bodies according to citizens' complaints," indicating that "all the complaints that came from citizens are just allegations."
    "The commission has prepared, among its procedures, a complete form for this matter, as it limits everything that the citizen and the complainant say, in terms of the type of force that carried out the arrest, their shapes, specifications, type of wheels, and all the details that occurred in the arrest or kidnapping," he added.