PMF bombs ISIS gatherings west of Lake Hamrin

  • 11-04-2021, 13:33
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    Baghdad -INA

    The Popular Mobilization Authority announced today, Sunday, the bombing of ISIS gatherings in villages west of Lake Hamrin, in preparation for their storming.
    The commission said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the artillery of the Popular Mobilization Forces began, this morning, bombing villages west of Lake Hamrin," indicating that "the bombing aims to clean these villages of terrorist remnants, and then carry out a raid and search operation to secure Those areas completely. "
    And they added, "The Popular Mobilization Command reinforced the forces participating in the clearance operations in the northeastern province of Diyala, with the missile battalion that has selected targets inside the areas that the Popular Mobilization Brigades advance too ."