International Day of Happiness

  • 21-03-2021, 18:36
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    Hamid Tarish

     In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly took its decision to set an International Day of Happiness, and it was on March 20 of each year and its celebration began in 2013, in an attempt to alert people to the right of people to happiness and to take the necessary activities regarding it, and the United Nations took serious steps in the way of Achieving happiness for all people, so its declaration of the sustainable development goals in 2015, in which the international organization sees it as a cleansing of the planet from poverty, and the enjoyment of its inhabitants with peace and prosperity, thus achieving their well-being and happiness what is desired if states seek to work hard and sincere.
     It has also set the United Nations Development Program, one of its agencies specialized in the field of development, to serve the countries of the world, especially the poor countries. It has also set the year 2030 as the supposed year to complete the achievement of those goals, and these goals are summarized by the elimination of poverty and hunger, the provision of health and education supplies, and the elimination of discrimination of all kinds. And preserving the environment and establishing a balanced relationship between man and nature, to avoid global warming, peaceful coexistence, establishing justice, establishing strong institutions and establishing partnerships between everyone and for everyone, and these goals are not just dreams, but are achieved, or on the way to that, in many countries of the world, as evidenced by The country of Finland and the Scandinavian countries tops the list of the happiest countries in the world every year, according to the annual report of happiness, issued by the Sustainable Solutions Network of the United Nations Organization, and the criteria that have been adopted in its classification are the level of political, economic and social stability, the amount of gross product and the per capita share in it, and the absence of corruption Financial and administrative, the freedom of individuals and their independence in decision-making, the general health level of the population, the availability of job opportunities, the average life expectancy, and the presence of Governmental and social support for individuals when they are exposed to difficult circumstances, which means that happiness is a reality and not dreams, as some see and they have an excuse for that, because of their continuous suffering and the absence of serious work to get them out of it by achieving the greatest possible happiness to their people.