Al-Kaabi: Iraq is facing a number of election-related challenges

  • 1-02-2021, 14:20
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    INA – Baghdad

    First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi, confirmed that the next stage will be one of the important milestones.

    Al-Kaabi received the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Iraq, Tony Elizabeth Backfold on Monday, according to a statement by the Media Office of Al-Kaabi that Iraqi News Agency – INA received.

    He stressed that Norway has good stances towards the government and people of Iraq, as it contributed to sending humanitarian organizations at critical stages that the country went through, and participating in many programs to enhance local expertise in the security, economic and electoral fields.

    "Iraq still needs this support and assistance as it is welcomed and admired by the Iraqis," said Al-Kaabi.

    Al-Kaabi explained that the next stage will be one of the important milestones through which the Iraqi citizen can restore the confidence in the political process, and “all political partners must work to contribute holding fair and transparent elections,"

    "There are a number of election-related challenges facing the country, which are the electoral centers outside Iraq and their costs, and the problem of IDPs," he added, "everyone now believes in the independence and integrity of the election commission,"