Counter-Terrorism reveals a specific operation details in Kirkuk

  • 27-01-2021, 16:34
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    INA – Baghdad

    Counter-Terrorism Service – CTS revealed the details of a specific operation carried out in southern Kirkuk.

    The head of Counter-Terrorism Service promised the Iraqi people of a fair retribution from the remnants of the terrorist gangs of Daesh, according to a statement by Counter-Terrorism Service received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    “Major operations were launched last Friday called “Revenge of the Martyrs ", where the head of CTS announced to the Iraqi people the success of a qualitative operation for the heroes of the Counter-Terrorism Service, which took place at dawn on Wednesday, in Wadi Al-Shay, south of Kirkuk", included the statement.

    The Statement also included, “a direct clash took place inside the enemy's hostels, in which some terrorists blew themselves up against our heroes and others were killed with the rifles of our brave men,"

    "The qualitative operation resulted in the killing of major leaders in the terrorist gangs of Daesh, and they are both: the General Medical Officer of Daesh in Iraq, the General Engineering-effort Officer to organize Daesh in Iraq, the official in charge of communications and electronic devices in Kirkuk, and two terrorists who worked as custodians of the terrorist gang’s warehouses, and two terrorist operatives who worked as guards for these guesthouses were also kille,”