Counter-Terrorism: Large operation to pursue Daesh remnants in Baghdad

  • 30-01-2021, 13:06
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    INA - Baghdad

    Counter-Terrorism Service – CTS began a large operation to pursue Daesh remnants, north of Baghdad.

    "CTS units launched large-scale operations to cleanse the areas north of Baghdad from the remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs," said the correspondent of Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    These operations came within the second phase of “The Revenge Martyrs Ops” launched by the Counter-Terrorism Service under the direction of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and direct supervision by the head of CTS, which targeted the remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs.

    Lieutenant General Abdul-Wahhab Al-Saadi, head of CTS had previously confirmed that the revenge process will not stop “until the punishment of those involved who facilitated the entry of the terrorists that blew themselves up in Bab al-Sharqi district, central Baghdad”