Minister of Immigration: Our capabilities are devoted to solving the refugee crisis

  • 22-01-2021, 14:21
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    Baghdad - INA

    Minister of Immigration, Ivan Faiq Jabro, confirmed that the ministry is working with all its capabilities to find a radical and permanent solution to the problem of the displaced people of Sinjar.

     A ministry statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated that “the Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Chair of the Committee (Study the Causes of Suicides), visited today the (Essian and Sheikhan) camps of Dohuk Governorate, accompanied by the Mayor of Sheikhan Sardar Sheikh Yahya, after the first meeting of the committee was held in Baghdad.

     During her meeting with the families living in the camps, Gabbro renewed the ministry's commitment to help all the displaced alike, including the Yazidis, to overcome the genocide committed by the criminal ISIS gangs against them, as well as to identify the main causes of suicides, develop the necessary solutions and address them, and mobilize local and international support to reduce them, especially in  IDP camps.