Al-Kadhimi: Iraq faces hard times due to maladministration

  • 16-01-2021, 14:36
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    INA – Baghdad

    Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed, that the country is going through difficult situations and a complicated economic state caused by maladministration and planning.

    "Al-Kadhimi met the Ministry of Interior wounded at the Federal Police headquarters, and pledged to meet their demands," included a statement by Al-Kadhimi media office that Iraqi News Agency (INA) received.

    The Prime Minister expressed “his happiness for being with the Iraqi police heroes, the impregnable fortress for every Iraqi from Zakho to Al-Faw," adding that "the police heroes are heroes who sacrificed themselves and obtained martyrdom, as there are those who were injured while performing their duty,"

    Al-Kadhimi promised to follow up on the cases of the injured police in person when he met them on Police Day, pointing out that all police rights are guaranteed, and his presence with them is to solve their problems.

    “There is a major deficiency in providing support for a large segment of the wounded who did not receive their rights, and some of them were completely disabled, despite the passage of a long time since their reviews, and this is a clear failure by the state and successive governments,” added Al-Kadhimi.

    He stressed that “work should be taken to overcome all obstacles and challenges, stressing the endeavor for the government to have health clinics and hospitals that fulfill the treatment of the injured heroes, and it is possible to bring in foreign doctors and advanced medical equipment to treat them,”

    "The country is going through difficult circumstances and a complicated economic state caused by maladministration and planning over the past years," he said.

    “We want to build the country and guide our youth on the basis of a culture of life and hope for the future, not a militarization of society and a culture of death,”