Ministry of Oil: a plan to stop the import of derivatives next year

  • 25-12-2020, 11:19
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    Baghdad - INA


     The Ministry of Oil confirmed that next year's plan includes stopping the import of oil derivatives and relying on local production.

     Director General of Oil Projects in the Ministry of Oil, Mahmoud Abbas, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The ministry’s plan during the year 2021 includes stopping the import of oil derivatives,” indicating that “this plan is based on the policy of Oil Minister Ihssan Abdul-Jabbar, who pledged to stop importing derivatives.  And dependence on the production of Iraqi oil refineries. "

     Abbas explained that "the Minister of Oil, upon assuming the position, pledged to witness the first period and within six months of the start of work, halting half of the import quantities," noting that "once the current projects in the refineries are completed, there will be good results."

     He added that "the Corona pandemic has disrupted the work of foreign companies for refinery projects," noting that "many projects in the field of gasoline improvement have reached their final stages, but they need foreign expertise."