Basra: The Shalamchah border crossing have been closed

  • 24-12-2020, 13:32
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     Basra - INA

    Basra Governorate closed the Shalamchah border crossing with Iran to the movement of travelers, canceling all exceptions, based on the decisions of the Ministry of Health today, Thursday,.

    Hakim Al-Mayahi, a member of the Crisis Cell in Basra Governorate, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The local government in Basra Governorate, in response to the recent decisions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health regarding the prevention of (the new strain Corona virus), has closed the Shalamjah border crossing to the movement of travelers to the State of Iran.”.

    He added that "all exceptions have been canceled, especially those who were excluded during the previous period of patients traveling for the purpose of treatment, as well as postgraduate students," stressing that "there is currently no exception for any case or segment, as travel has stopped completely, and the port has been closed for all." Travelers, either way or back. "