MOT: The dry canal will be implemented through investment or soft loans

  • 15-12-2020, 09:09
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    Baghdad - INA

    Transport Minister Nasser Hussein Al-Shibli confirmed today, Tuesday, that the dry canal project will be implemented either through investment or soft loans, indicating that the starting point of the Silk Road to Europe is.

    Al-Shibli told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Iraq is one of the ancient countries with regard to the railways issue,” pointing out that “the Iraqi railways were severely damaged by the terrorist gangs of ISIS and the wars that took place in the country.”

    He added that "the ministry plans to start with the dry canal that consists of Faw with two lines, the first to Turkey and the second from Turkey to Europe, whether commercial transport or passenger transport." However, due to financial distress, implementation will take place either through investment or through soft loans. "