Tehran announces the end of the diplomatic row with Ankara

  • 13-12-2020, 14:37
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    The Iranian embassy in Turkey announced that the "misunderstanding" between Tehran and Ankara ended after the phone call between the two countries' foreign ministers.

    In a statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said, "Javad Zarif and Çavuşolu emphasized the close friendly relations between Turkey and Iran and stressed the firm good-neighborly policy pursued by Ankara."

    Çavuşolu assured Zarif that he did not accept to make strong-language statements targeting Erdogan, under the pretext of the poem, at a time when Tehran could communicate with Ankara through open channels.

    The diplomatic dispute between the two countries emerged when Turkish President Erdogan visited Baku recently, and he recited the verses of a poem by the Azerbaijani poet Bakhtiar Wahhabzadeh, talking about the Aras border river, which angered Tehran, and considered it a violation of the country's sovereignty.

    Cavusoglu presented Zarif with assurances regarding "President Erdogan's respect for Iran's national sovereignty and territorial integrity."

    Source: RT