Al-Kaabi: Liberating the land should prompt us to fight corruption

  • 10-12-2020, 12:16
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     Baghdad - INA

    First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan Karim al-Kaabi stressed that the liberation of the land must lead us to accelerate the fight against corruption and the accountability of public money thieves over 17 years.

    The media office of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday, quoted Al-Kaabi as saying: On the occasion of the third anniversary of the day of the great victory over ISIS terrorist gangs and the liberation of Mosul and the entire homeland, we extend our sincere congratulations and blessings to all of our Iraqi people Especially the sons of the holy popular mobilizing forces , the defense forces, the interior, the air force, the army aviation, the peshmerga, the tribal crowd and all other supporting devices, recalling with the pain, pride and loyalty of all the pure blood of the honorable martyrs who sacrificed their dignified lives in order to defend the dignity and soil of this country and liberate their people in the liberated areas from the impurity of ISIS Criminal ".

    He added, "On this day, we do not forget the great efforts of the heroic security services of various kinds and formations in liberating the provinces and their bravery in removing mines from buildings, homes and schools, returning displaced persons, relief stricken areas and saving civilians from the treachery of dark forces."