Salih: The victories must be preserved beside strengthen the authority of the state and its sovereignty

  • 10-12-2020, 12:10
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    Baghdad - INA

    The President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih stressed the necessity of preserving the victories achieved and not forsaking them "in fulfillment of the sacrifices and the pure blood that were shed on the road to liberation" and cutting the way before the remnants of terrorism by continuing the war on terror and not being complacent.

    In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday, on the occasion of Victory Day against ISIS terrorist gangs, Salih stressed the need to start combating corruption, strengthen the authority of the state, consolidate its sovereignty in enforcing the law, protect the security and stability of citizens, and initiate structural reform, and meet the needs "Free and fair elections, in a manner that guarantees the true will of the voters away from pressures, fraud and manipulation, the return of the displaced to their cities, and the treatment of all the effects left by terrorist groups."

    His Excellency pointed to the importance of striving to reduce tensions in the region that terrorist groups often exploit to implement their goals, stressing Iraq's steadfast position in distancing itself from regional conflicts, and in that it is a fundamental pillar of regional and international cooperation to establish peace and limit conflicts that undermine stability in the region."

    The president explained during the statement that "on such days we remember with reverence and appreciation the heroic and sacrifices of our security forces in their victory over ISIS terrorism and the liberation of cities and villages from its clutches. We recall the stories of resilience and challenge embodied by the sacrifices of our heroes. Dignity, freedom and peace.

    On this great occasion, we extend to our people and the heroes of our armed forces from the army, the Federal Police, the Peshmerga, the Popular Mobilization Forces, the tribal mobilization, the security and intelligence services, with our best congratulations, wishing them lasting security and safety, and to our country stability and peace.

    On this eternal memory, we recall with reverence and gratitude the jihadist fatwa of the Supreme Leader, His Eminence Sistani (may God bless him), which mobilized the energies of the people in the face of ISIS, and had a great impact in defeating the terrorists and achieving the accomplished victory.