MOFA: The government is working on the elections and reinforce state control

  • 5-12-2020, 15:12
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     INA – Baghdad

    Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed that the government is working to reinforce state control and complete the elections requirements.

    "The interactions and intertwines that our world is undergoing today in terms of international relations do not make any country safe and isolated from the challenges and problems that other countries face, whether near or far," Hussein said in a speech delivered at Manama Dialogue Conference received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He explained that "the geographical factor is no longer an impregnable barrier to ward off cross-border dangers and disasters,"

    FM Hussein called for preserving regional and international security and achieving requirements saying that “the safety of states and the security of their people requires great collective efforts in which states share their responsibilities and obligations to enjoy an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence and lasting stability,”

    “The absence of conflict resolution mechanisms in the region made it one of the most tense and volatile regions of the world, and created conditions of instability” he indicated, adding “Comes at the forefront of those crises the Palestinian issue, the right to self-determination for the Palestinian people according to their will, and the vision of their leadership in and the conflicts in Syria, Libya and Yemen,"

    He included, "the government is working to rebuild the recaptured cities after it was liberated from ISIS terrorist gangs, to re-establish state control over all areas and cities that these terrorist gangs have violated, in addition to the return of the IDPs to their residence, and to provide them with the necessities of life in a way that alleviates great human suffering”

    "the health challenges were represented by the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, its economic repercussions and the difficulty that the Iraqi health institutions face in absorbing the increasing number of infections," Hussein noted, including, “Iraqi government is seeking to impose the prestige of the state and the rule of law, and to complete the requirements for holding free and fair elections and respond to the popular demands in the coming year that were expressed by the demonstrations, and to spare Iraq from being an arena for conflicts or a springboard for attacks on neighboring countries,”