MOC undertakes a project to accommodate the need for Internet capacity

  • 1-12-2020, 16:46
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    Baghdad - INA


     The Ministry of Communications announced today, Tuesday, the initiation of a project to expand the main network to accommodate the need for Internet capacity.

     The media of the Ministry of Communications said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "under the direction of the Minister of Communications, Staff Shehab Ahmed Al-Shaibani, the engineering and technical cadres of the Public Company for Communications and Informatics of the Ministry of Communications began the work of the main network expansion project to accommodate the increasing need for Internet capacity entering the country."

     The director of the infrastructure directorate in the company, Ali Mahmoud, said, according to the statement, that "the expansion works will provide coverage for the needs of the mobile and FTTH networks to be established during the coming period, as the referral and the first batch of devices have been received and it is in the process of being installed at the sites of messaging stations spread in Baghdad and the provinces, at 54  Station".