Presidency of the Republic: Efforts to include Iraqi water wheels on the World Heritage List

Culture and art
  • 18-11-2020, 16:36
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    The Office of the Presidency of the Republic announced efforts to include Iraqi water wheels on the World Heritage List (UNESCO)

    A statement of the presidential office received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) said: "The President of the Presidency Office Muhannad Husam al-Din called for redoubling national efforts to preserve the Iraqi cultural and civilizational heritage, in proportion to the depth of the history of Mesopotamia."

    The President of the Office of the Presidency, during his reception of a delegation that included a number of heritage activists and members of the Committee for Promoting the File of Navel Industry in the High Euphrates, added that the Mesopotamian civilization was the forerunner in serving humanity, providing innovations and achievements commensurate with human need, such as writing, codification, agriculture, invention of the wheel, and the ingenuity of construction. And urbanization, enacting laws and laying the foundations of politics, international relations and social systems. "