Al-Araji: There will be no non-Iraqi forces remaining in Sinjar

  • 17-11-2020, 13:39
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    Baghdad - INA

    National Security Adviser Qassem Al-Araji confirmed today, Tuesday that no Non-Iraqi forces will remain in the Sinjar district.

    Al-Araji explained during a joint press conference with the Minister of the Interior of the Kurdistan Region, Rybir Ahmed, and attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Sinjar agreement took very important steps, and that there is no problem with the implementation of this agreement."

    He added, "No non-Iraqi forces will remain in the Sinjar district."

    For his part, the region's interior minister thanked Al-Araji for his contribution to the success of the agreement, stressing that "it was agreed to appoint a joint district office for the district of Sinjar."

    He pointed out that "the administration of the judiciary will be handed over to the people of the judiciary, and the agreement will be implemented in the near future."

    A delegation from the Iraqi government headed by the National Security Adviser arrived today in Erbil, to lay down a mechanism to implement the Sinjar Agreement, and the government delegation held a meeting with the Minister of Interior of the Kurdistan Region in the presence of the United Nations representative in Iraq, jenin hennis plasschaert.