Comprehensive studies for a network to link Iraq with neighboring countries

  • 13-11-2020, 16:16
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    General Company for Railways announced making inclusive studies to link Iraq to a network of railways with neighboring countries.
    "There are future projects for the railways, the most important of which, is connecting Iraq railways with all neighboring countries," said Ali Abdul-Hur, director of Central Region Railways, to (Majority Opinion) TV show presented on IMN news channel.
    Abdul-Hur explained that these projects have comprehensive studies, and the decision remains for the state to secure the financial allocations to complete the shortcomings with neighboring countries, and that currently there is one port for the railway connection to Iraq through Syria.
    "12 train items were imported recently, and the train imported from China contains engines, air-conditioning and refrigeration devices, all made of Western origin, and the maximum speed of the train reaches 160 kilometers that some sectors currently run this train at 130 km/h speed," he added.
    The Director included that there are limitations related to the speed of the train, the most important of which is breaching the railway line, especially the unorganized crossings on the line, which affects the speed of the train.
    "The government agencies in all governorates through which the train passes, can help and remove these breaches, in addition to the official communications, accurate locations and reviews of railway managers for those provinces and regions," Abdul-Hur said.
    He mentioned  that the railways were exposed to the destruction of the infrastructure during the conditions that Iraq went through, “the process of rebuilding it and help making it as they were before requires large sums of money”