The Red Cross: Financial grants and assistance for IDPs in Salah al-Din

  • 8-11-2020, 12:29
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    Salah Al-Din - INA - Falih Al-Obaidi

    The Red Cross in Iraq confirmed today, Sunday, that it will continue to support the displaced people returning to their areas after their liberation from terrorism in Salah al-Din Governorate, which includes providing financial assistance of up to 10 million dinars to the destroyed homes to help in the reconstruction and stability, in addition to its contribution to providing hospitals and health centers with protection supplies. Personal and medical equipment to fight corona virus.

    The official spokesman for the International Red Cross in Iraq, Sahar Tawfiq Suleiman, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Red Cross team provided financial and in-kind assistance to the displaced families returning to their areas of residence in the district of Balad after their return," noting that "the support provided by the Red Cross It comes to implement the sustainable return program to enable these families to rebuild their lives anew and rebuild their destroyed homes.”

    She added, "The Red Cross has been among the effective organizations since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in Iraq, as more than 24 hospitals in various governorates were supported with personal protection supplies and medical equipment," explaining that "the support provided in Salah al-Din governorate included primary health centers and re Building destroyed homes, in addition to the physical rehabilitation of injured and disabled people, as the Red Cross owns a physical rehabilitation center in Erbil, which provides free treatment services to people with disabilities.

    Suleiman added, "The Red Cross has implemented relief programs for the returnees and displaced persons, while implementing programs to build residential homes in Aziz Balad areas, with awareness programs to avoid war remnants."