Salih: Electoral corruption is a serious scourge

  • 5-11-2020, 13:49
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    Baghdad - INA

    The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, affirmed that electoral and financial corruption are interconnected and represent a serious scourge that threatens societal peace. Today, Thursday,

    The President of the Republic said in a speech regarding his ratification of the election law, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "In compliance with my constitutional duty, I approved the election law, in preparation for holding early, fair and fair elections."

    He added, "The passage of this law comes after a long debate. The reform of the electoral law was a national demand to secure the right of Iraqis to choose their representatives away from pressure, blackmail and stealing their votes."

    He continued: "Yes, I acknowledge the reservations recorded on the law voted on in the House of Representatives. Certainly this law does not represent everything we aspire to, but at the same time, it represents a development for the better and a basic building block towards the path of reform, and affirms the consideration of the people as the main source of legitimacy of government." Down to the free will of the Iraqis in good governance that serves them. "

    He pointed out that "the concerned state institutions are called upon today, after the approval and ratification of the election law, to expedite the fulfillment of the requirements for conducting fair and fair early elections in the various stages of their conduct, including biometric registration, and to work for effective and serious coordination between the United Nations and the Independent Elections Commission." To secure oversight and supervision to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

    He pointed out that "the appeals, doubts and concerns that the previous electoral processes witnessed were a major reason for the citizens 'reluctance to vote, and undermined citizens' confidence in the legitimacy of the existing system and the entire electoral process."

    He explained, "Electoral corruption is a dangerous scourge, as it threatens societal peace and economic integrity. Electoral corruption and financial corruption are interdependent, interdependent and destructive, and one perpetuates the other."