90 million Americans vote early in the presidential election, while Trump and Biden continue to trade accusations

  • 1-11-2020, 16:16
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    90 million Americans voted early in the presidential election, according to Saturday's data, as Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, make their latest attempts to woo voters.

    The number of early voters represented a new record in the US presidential election, as it reached about 65% of the total number of participants in the 2016 elections, which reflects the intense interest in the presidential race.

    Concurrently, both Trump and Biden have intensified their campaigning nationwide to try to influence the few undecided voters.

    Trump, the Republican, spent the last days of his election campaign placing scathing blame on government officials involved in the response to the pandemic and medical workers.

    At a small gathering in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Trump mocked Biden for criticizing the Republican record in combating the Corona virus pandemic, which has killed about 230,000 people in the United States, which ranks first in the world in terms of the number of disease victims and the death toll of 9.3 million cases.

    Trump told the attendees, some of whom did not wear masks: "I saw Joe Biden speaking yesterday. All he is talking about Covid. He has nothing else to say but Covid Covid."

    He added that the United States is "only weeks away" from the comprehensive distribution of a safe vaccine to prevent the disease that drives hospitals to work to their full potential and kills up to a thousand people in the United States every day, but Trump did not provide details that support his statements about an imminent vaccine.

    During his campaign in the Midwest on Friday, Trump laid accusations and said that doctors are making more money with the deaths of their patients, continuing past criticism of medical experts such as the country's chief infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci.

    For his part, Biden accused Trump of surrendering in the battle against the disease, and said at a car rally in Flint, Michigan with former President Barack Obama: "What the hell is wrong with this man? Sorry for my language. But think about it. That might be true because he's not doing anything." Something except for money. "

    In the conclusion of his speech, Biden accused Trump of bullying and criticized his lack of a strategy to control the pandemic, as well as his efforts to repeal the "obamaker" health care law and his disregard for the science of climate change.

    Source: "Reuters" + agencies