Joint Ops: Our forces are in all places to pursue remnants of Daesh

  • 30-10-2020, 16:34
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    Baghdad - INA - Amna Al-Salami


    Joint Operations Command confirmed that the security forces are determined to be in all places to pursue the remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs.


    The spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Joint Operations Command continues to pursue Daesh gangs, and that the security forces are determined to be present wherever these gangs try to be," pointing out that "the Joint Ops is carrying out qualitative operations and plans to undermine these gangs. It has succeeded in the policy of action against terrorism, especially in the intelligence and security methods and steps it pursues that have contributed to the elimination of terrorists”


    Al-Khafaji added that "Daesh gangs represent a danger, because they are still carrying out terrorist operations with the aim of confusing and influencing the security situation," noting that "most of Daesh operations lack humanity, because they are killing innocent people, kidnapping children, demanding ransom, threatening citizens, and taking royalties from them"


    He explained, "What the terrorist Daesh gangs were doing in Kanaous represented a threat to citizens safety through royalties and taking money, as well as kidnapping and killing citizens and booby-trapping their bodies in order to inflict the largest possible number of losses as a result of these criminal acts”