The International Coalition confirms that there are no military units on Iraqi soil

  • 19-10-2020, 13:50
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    Baghdad - INA


     Today, Monday, National Security Adviser Qassem Al-Araji confirmed the ability of the Iraqi security forces to maintain security and confront terrorist cells, while the international coalition indicated that there were no military units on Iraqi soil.


     A statement by Al-Araji's office received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated that "the National Security Adviser received in his office the Deputy Commander of the International Coalition, Major General Ken Kapsi, to discuss joint cooperation between Iraq and the International Coalition in the field of combating terrorism and enhancing security and intelligence coordination.


     According to the statement, Al-Araji stressed that "the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces have greatly developed, and they are carrying out their tasks to the fullest in maintaining security, confronting terrorist cells and promoting societal peace."